Weight of concrete wall addition


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Weight of concrete wall addition

Would adding around 16' x 18" of concrete blocks to raise the height of an existing wall sitting on a concrete slab be structurally feasible our would it add too much weight?
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I can't say for sure because I'm not an engineer.

But if you want to extend a 16 foot long wall 18" higher, I can't see why you could not do that.

Unless you want to hire an engineer, you have to make assumptions that the existing wall has the proper footings for your area. An example would be 12" wide by 36" deep.

If there's any doubt I would dig next to the foundation and measure the depth of the footings.
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And the possibility exists that the wall isn't supported by a footing at all, but rather by just the concrete slab. And if the slab is not quality concrete, of adequate thickness, that's been there for a while with no signs of distress, I wouldn't be comfortable trusting it to support any more weight than it already is.
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A little digging might tell you if there are any footings.
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And hopefully there are rebars in the footing/foundation...

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