Driveway repair

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Driveway repair

On my todo list is repair the driveway enough to prevent further breakage. Ive a few ideas as to how ill repair it, but would like other opinions beside hiring a pro.

I figure i can pack the cavity with dirt and make a form an inch or so beyond the existing driveway and fill it with cement.

Or again build a form and pack the entire cavity with dry cement and wet it down then fill the rest with wet cement. The otherside would be the same concept except the old broken stuff removed and a new cement on top as well.

The cavity goes in about a foot at its deepest point. Driveway already has large cracks from no underside support

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Or again build a form and pack the entire cavity with dry cement and wet it down then fill the rest with wet cement.
That will not work. Whomever floated that slab was crazy. There is no mesh & it doesn't look like the ground was compacted. You could square off the damaged section with a Partner Saw & use a concrete mix but it's only a temporary fix.

Wait for Bridgman, Stadry or ConcreteMasonry to suggest a more permanent solution. I wouldn't be surprised if they suggest a total redo.
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I would cut the whole broken section out with a diamond blade masonry saw. Then dig out the poor base and install a proper compacted crushed rock base. With a Masonry bit, drill holes into the cut edges of the slab so you can insert lengths of rebar to tie the new and old sections together. Stake a form along the open edge and pour at least 4 inches of new concrete.

You may find it a lot easier to just have someone come in and demo those sections and pour new. The pros are fast and good at flat work.

I think any attempts as a less aggressive fix will be very short lived.

Good luck with your project!
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looks like a driveway flare section,,, no fiber/welded wire mesh wasn't why it broke,,, 1 of the reasons it broke is dynamic loading (regular traffic) & pipe installation - there's no 'cover' for it - straighten out your drainage & pipe work prior to fixing the conc or you'll be fixin' it again,,, IF it were me, i'd tear out a 4' piece (2' on either side of the jnt) so i could do things right,,, see all that washed out area ? when wtr lays there & you drive over it, there's a flex in the conc that contributes to water waves hence washout

around here you'd be paying for 5cy of redi-mix conc - that's over $600 & you only need about 1/2cy if your driveway's 10' wide,,, tough for a pro to do it UNLESS he wants to mix up 20 80# bags of conc from the apron/vest store

we're tearing out a 20' x 5' sidewalk this am & replacing it too - 50b of conc - 3 guys, small elec mixer - good day's work
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