Brick veneer below grade, cracked mortar and brick, no weep holes

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Brick veneer below grade, cracked mortar and brick, no weep holes

I've been examining the brick around the front of my house to possibly replace a loose brick and fix some mortar and brick damage, but I noticed a few other problems that I'm not sure what to do about.

First of all, I believe it's a brick veneer exterior wall, but the brick goes down BELOW the foundation level (in front of the foundation), and the dirt butts up against the brick (although the dirt is below the top of the foundation level behind the brick...).
Second, I've read brick veneer should have weep holes, but after a thorough examination I can't actually find any.
Also, I do see a lot of extra concrete or mortar or something stuck all over the wall beneath the soil level. I don't know if this was some hackjob the previous owner did to try to fix sink holes in the dirt that seemed to develop next to the wall, or leftovers from initial construction.
Based on the level of roots of the (developer-planted) bushes, I'm guessing the level of dirt has not really changed much since construction.

So my questions are:
- Should I not be repairing the cracked mortar because it's closest thing I have to weep holes? Or are they useless for weep holes anyway because they probably aren't properly flashed anyway?
- Is there anything I can do about the lack of weep holes short of rebuilding half of the wall (presuming that if there were no weep holes, there was also probably no weep hole flashing...)?
- Is it ok to use polyurethane mortar joint sealant in the staircase crack? Is there any disadvantage besides cosmetic differences?
- One of the bricks is cracked in half halfway up -- is it ok to use polyurethane mortar joint sealant in the cracked brick, or does the whole brick really just need to be replaced?
- The graded clay within a foot of the house seems to be full of broken bricks and other construction debris. Will this cause drainage problems?

Any advice or knowledge sharing is welcome!

I've attached some pictures, which hopefully will help illustrate my situation.
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Name:  FoundationAndLooseBrick_FromFront-s.jpg
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That bottom course of brick needs some support under it. The color and thickness difference makes me think someone has tried to "repair" it in the past.

You should consider installing a concrete footing to support the brick, preventing future settlement and cracking. I wouldn't worry about the junk left in the backfill--it's a common (but incorrect) practice in the industry, and shouldn't affect the foundation's drainage.
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Cracked wall

Like it has been stated, you need to fix the cause of the crack before you fix the crack. By looking at the picture, it looks as though the brick have been payed over on top of the wood beam. Find what gave way underneath the two dislodged brick. Footer may have just not been sticking out wide enough, and simply sheered off. you may want to take a few brick out of the wall so you can better see what is happening, until you know for sure, your fix will just be cosmetic.

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