What concrete product do I need?


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What concrete product do I need?

Would strongly like to pour a 4x12 ft exterior area and slope it approx 1/2". For thickness, would prefer 2" depth, slope to 1 1/2"......

Worst case, at the most if necessary, 3" thick sloping to 2 1/2" depth.....

I've read that a thickness of less than two inch just isn't practical but hoping there is a product on the market for exterior use that can even feather down to level like some interior products.

Pouring over existing concrete.

Thanks for any insight you might offer....

central florida

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"I've read that a thickness of less than two inch just isn't practical..."
That's pretty much true; thinner slabs are prone to cracking and flaking. Using a mesh reinforcement in the slab MIGHT help. I have no personal experience with the product but there is a concrete that has chopped fiber (fiberglass?) reinforcement in the mix and that MIGHT help.

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