Asphalt crack filler


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Asphalt crack filler

Does anyone know if the asphalt crack filler products Crack-Stix or Pli-Stix will liquify with a heat gun? On the technical sheets, it looks like the boiling point/flash point is around 500 F, and a heat gun can hit those temps no problem. But these products also usually say "for use with a torch/melt with direct flame", etc. Would heat gun heat not work? I was thinking it might be possible to melt pieces in a soup can by heating with a heat gun, and then pour into the cracks...
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I just watched a video to see how this was applied, looks to be a PITA.

I've always used a liquid acrylic crack filler (not asphalt) with great results.

What I like about the liquid fillers, you can use something to squeegee the material flat so the repair is less noticeable.
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kind of like reinventing the wheel,,, we use a propane torch weed burner & 20# propane tanks
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Thanks for the replies. OK, so I went ahead and bought a 30 ft. roll of the Pli-Stix, and tested it out today. I cut off a small piece and put it down in an empty soup can, held it with pliers, and put the heat gun on it. It melted pretty easily at about 500 degrees. So I guess I'll give this a shot soon. Will try to come back with some results.

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