Top layer to bbq grill


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Top layer to bbq grill

I'm building a brick grill with a charcoal insert on one side and a gas grill on the other. In between I want to have a table top. My thought is to mortar cement board and mortar the bricks to the cement board. The table top will be 31" X 32".

A. I still have N type mortar that I used to install the bricks, will the mortar adhere the board to the bricks?

B. Will the board support the weight? Does it need to once the mortar dries?


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"My thought is to mortar cement board and mortar the bricks to the cement board." I don't understand what you are saying?

A. Yes, mortar will stick cement board to brick.

B. Will what board support what weight? If you are considering using cement board as a shelf to support your grills or counter top the answer is "no". Cement board is not structural.

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