stubborn moss on cracking driveway


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stubborn moss on cracking driveway

More moss are growing on my driveway every year, and they are getting more and more difficult to wash off even with a pressure washer. It seems like small cracks are opening up that allows the moss to wedge themselves into. Now I just use brute force and spend more time with the pressure washer to remove them. But this also cause the driveway to chip more.

I think the small cracks may be getting larger when water gets in and freeze. But these cracks are too small to repair with concrete filler. I attached some photos. The moss in the photo survived the first round of pressure washing. You cannot see the cracks but obviously they must be there for the moss to grow out of.

What is the solution to this problem?

The house is in WA state. In the winter there is very little sun and rains alot, and gets below freezing temperature.
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So what is the construction of the driveway, with all that exposed aggregate?

I would think a treatment of herbicide would take care of the plant material and some type of sealer, similar to what is used on asphalt drives would seal!
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That rough surface lends itself to collecting dirt and allowing moss to grow. You might need to wash the driveway more often.
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Get a garden sprayer and some 'wet and forget' and apply once every season
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Water, salt, vinegar and soap usually do the trick. Moss doesn't like salt.
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Didn't think about it earlier, I picked up a surface cleaner this spring for my sidewalks and paver patio.

Amazing results, fast and easy, it is exactly what you need to get that surface clean.
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It's WA. Moss grows on old people walking to the store. Moss grows on dogs who lie down to take a short nap. Moss grows on parked cars fer pete's sake!

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