concrete and asphalt driveway question


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concrete and asphalt driveway question

ok so heres the story driveway is 800 foot long roughly 8-12 foot wide and on a hill im in the south so not much snow if it does snow maybe 1-2 inchs for the year temp wise is from about 20f to 105f

bad storms and lots of rain in the last month water goes down my driveway and ends up getting under my driveway

now i have a 2 foot wide about 20 foot long section that has sunk cracked etc from 2 inchs to about a foot deep

had the bright idea of putting cold patch on it and packing that down

2 tons of cold patch lots of shoveling cleaning out the rut etc get it all packed down and everything is looking good rented a packer and drove my 6k lb truck over it and packed it again did it in 2 inch layers for what its worth

it starts raining again the next day everything seems to be holding 2 more days pass with heavy rain and its still good so i think im in the clear

then couple of days latter we get another day of rain and half of it ends up in the ditch at the bottom of the driveway

now i have to redo half of what i did so i am not a happy camper i had to drive a little over a hour one way to even get the cold patch to begin with

getting the driveway redone is out of the question i dont have the 15k+ funds for that at the moment done had a couple big expenses come up this year

i know this isnt ideal nor the best solution but what im wanting to do is just fix that section with cement or concrete some people say the concrete will bind with the asphalt some say it wont
im also wanting to make a concrete kind of like a ditch but thats not the correct term for it to go down that whole side of the driveway to get the water out of the way
my first concern if fixing that area i have to go to town at least 3 times a week to take a family member who lives with me to dialysis so if i go with cement or concrete i could do it on a friday afternoon and not drive on it till monday morning
so my questions are would it work would it hold how long would it hold anyone tried this before any info i could get really
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Welcome to the forums!

Can you redirect the water? I have a gravel/slate driveway that's a little better than a 1/4 mile long that winds up the side of a small mountain. I had to regrade my road after every heavy rain until it was suggested that I pitch the driveway to the inside. That was over 20 yrs ago and with the water running down the inside edge of the road the maintenance has been cut drastically. I suspect cutting a ditch to channel the water would be your best bet.

pics would help us better understand what you have to deal with -

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