Seal Concrete: Drylok vs. Silane/silaxane


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Question Seal Concrete: Drylok vs. Silane/silaxane

Hi Everyone,

I have a new house with concrete stairs that lead sub-grade to a basement apartment. I'm renting that to a tenant, so I want to brighten the aesthetics of the stairs/concrete wall while also extending the life. I've sealed the cracks in the concrete and I'm currently prepping it with an angle grinder/wire wheel (a job taking much longer than I expected).

My question is this:

I had originally decided to use DryLok External Floor Paint for the walls and stairs (I want something light-colored), but I've been told that sealing with a clear silance/siloxane sealant first, then painting might be a better option. That sounds like a few extra steps, but I'll do it if it will truly be more durable. I'm not real worried about saving money on the product - I want to use whatever will last the longest and look best.

Any thoughts are much appreciated. Pictures of the stairs are posted.

(Currently, I've found that a 4" wire cup brush works the best for cleaning the concrete, but if anyone has other suggestions I'm all ears!)

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It penetrates and chemically bonds deep within the substrate to form a hydrophobic barrier within the pores.
Put the sealer on and you can forget about ever getting paint to stick!
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It needs to be cleaned up before you apply any coating! Drylok is formulated to be applied to bare masonry and not over paint. It's also not intended to be the top coat.
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And it's all going to need a thorough pressure washing before painting.
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Is the green in the last two pictures algae? I don't know if you can ever get it clean enough for a permanent bond of anything. Use a strong bleach solution and maybe TSP and maybe a mild acid solution to get it clean. Try everything you can think of. Rinse between washings.

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