How do I do a good job patching this?


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Question How do I do a good job patching this?

I assume I would need some kind of frame around it so the cement couldn't fall through the bottom or push out the front. How would I go about patching this step? With what?
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No, I don't think you need a form though one on the front face might help if you've never worked with mortar before. I would use mortar or a crack filling cement mix. Start in the morning. Make a thick mix, not soupy. I would keep packing it in until you filled the cavity. Trowel it off flush with the surface. You can leave the mortar high if you want. Final finishing will come later in the day. Now let it sit for 6-12 hours.

At about 6 hours brush the surface with a wire brush. If the mortar comes off in dry crumbles continue brushing to give the mortar a uniform brushed texture. This will give you good traction when walking on it and will get rid of the shiny white mortar look of a patch job. If the mortar sticks to the wire brush or gums up then wait an hour or two and try again. If you had high spots in your mortaring just work them down with the wire brush.

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