Conctractor Didn't Screed Under 2x10's when Forming Steps


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Conctractor Didn't Screed Under 2x10's when Forming Steps

Hi Everyone,

I had a company pour new concrete steps at my apartment building but they forgot to screed under the 2-by's that formed the risers. Their solution was to even it off with some other masonry product which they applied to the risers too.

Now, 2-1/2 years later, it is peeling off the risers and popping off the treads where the 2-by's were (when formed).

I am about to contact them but want to be armed with knowledge: what would the appropriate repair be for this problem? Vinyl concrete patching? Something else?

I paid a lot of money for these steps just to make the place look better, now it looks bad and the only reason I paid for this was to make it look good.

Thanks in advance!

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