Rubber vs Concrete Patio


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Rubber vs Concrete Patio

Hi guys, I'm looking to put down some pavers in my front yard this summer and I was browsing around Home Depot and found that they carried rubber pavers. What are your experiences with rubber pavers? I've been reading and they seem pretty nice: easy to reinstall, easy to cut, durable (although not as durable as concrete), safer if you fall. Are there any reasons to stay away from rubber? Thanks in advance!
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In my opinion...As far as stability goes it all depends on the base and installation regardless of rubber or stone. However, I think you'll find that the rubber will begin to degrade over time from sun exposure and wear. Stone or brick will hold up better and can be coated with protectors if you so choose. You may not be able to move things on rubber at easily as stone (it may stick and grab). Not sure how rubber will handle if wet.
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I've seen people use them and honestly they have all looked like a very amateurish DIY project. Mainly for what Norm mentioned. It's all about the base. Most people think they can just slap them down on the ground and they're done. Just lay them on the ground and every bump and imperfection shows through or you can feel it under foot. Then after a season's use they are buckled or shifted out of position.

I have never seen someone do a proper job installing them but if you did I bet you could end up with something pretty good. If you excavate and put in properly compacted base material I think you would have a nice patio for a season or two. But, since excavating and creating a good base is 3/4 the work at that point you might as well go for a more permanent material like concrete or brick pavers.
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Rubber and UV don't mix so I think Norm is right that this won't last very long.

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