Asphault COLD patch.?????????


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Asphault COLD patch.?????????

I bought this bag of black pebble stone and black sticky liquid on on it in a hard black bag{old maybe}. Its terrible! Won't pack down good...[been down 3 days} Does it get better than this ?soon or did i do and get the wrong material.What would you have done .I sold an old ford truck that left a big dent in my asphault.any tips appreciated much bob s
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I've never been overly satisfied with cold patch. I guess it's ok for pot holes but I'm not sure you can get it to do a satisfactory job for depressions. Ideally a hot mix would be used but might be cost prohibitive.
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Cold patch as you see is just a blob of gravel and tar mix,

It's somewhat ok for deep holes as long as it can be packed down, but for shallow depressions where you are trying to fill and taper it's not going to do too well!
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It will not work in a depression, especially is the surface is smooth. If you want better results you can dig out the depression at least 3 inches deep. You may want to square it off. Add some gravel if the bottom has none, then apply the cold or hot patch. Tamp down really hard. Wait about several weeks then apply sealer. How long will it last? If just a driveway with little or no traffic, perhaps a couple of years.
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OK i got your drift--- and thank you for them. I'm going to dig mine out and have to live with the 3"divet i guess. Hot patch--- would be me getting it from some guys patching up the small hoels in the main rds around me here.Tried that few times over the years and they all thought the black stuff was gold !/nary abit for retired plumber.thanks fellas bob s
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Modern cold patch usually relies on water soluble polymers to keep the tar thin and spreadable; basically it's like laytex paint that polymerizes as it dries. Old fashioned cold patch was "cut-back" and used volatile solvents like gasoline or kerosene to thin the tar, basically and oil paint that dries as the solvent evaporates. Hot mix just relies on heat to keep the tar thin.

If the bag of mix was sitting on a shelf for a long time it probably lost some of the solvent, so it won't be as sticky or set as well. Might call the manufacturer, or the store and tell them you got a bag that won't set, the worst they can say is no.

Depending on what sort of tar binder it has
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I assume you have a blacktop/asphalt drive? If it is in need of a re-coat, now is the time. Dig that cold patch crap back out, and go down at least 4 consistent inches to the edge, which you will also need to make smooth. Fill it with quickrete, and top your drive with sealer after dry. You may need to retouch the area if it is driven on regularly, because its basically just going to be a "paint", but you can be assured it will not get bigger. This is the easiest fix, and would cost nothing more than the $4 or so for the bag of concrete and whatever cost it will be for a bucket or so of sealer/topcoat (depending on the size of your entire drive of course). Getting a hot patch will be near impossible without spending a LOT more, and is simply not worth it.

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