New asphalt driveway - to soft?


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New asphalt driveway - to soft?

I had a new asphalt driveway put in several months ago. The provider was the cousin of the provider that was recommended to me.

The original provider told me he was going to give me 3" of asphalt and was recommended by a friend of mine who uses him on large jobs.

The cousin came and claimed he also did commercial work but his cousin could not do the work due to other commitments. So he did the job. I asked him about the 3 inches and he hemmed and hawed and said well you can't know for sure, it will probably be somewhere around 2 - 2.5 inches.

The driveway looked very loosely compacted. Know I was there for most of it and he had a large roller and all the big equipment.

I stayed off the driveway for a week. He promised the driveway was as good as anyone could do and maybe it is.

Here is the problem. The other night when it was fairly cool for the entire day, my son parked his bicycle with the kickstand down in the early evening. Not it was no warmer than high 70s and got down to low 70s with a cool breeze that night and the next day there was a pretty good hole left in the driveway.

Picture below. Sorry a little blurry. But should the driveway look this loose? Should a bike make a hole that quickly on a cool day? There are some other damages also. Some of the asphalt has moved from a car tire that went over it. Is that normal?

I could understand if it was a week of 100 degree days but this seems to damage to easily.

Any help appreciated. Thanks
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Something is not correct, the blacktop driveways I've had would not dent for a bike, maybe for a motorcycle and would never come up with a car tire.

Others may have a clue on what material was used but after a couple months it should not be giving you these kinds of issues!
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I wonder if you get the original paver out there to inspect the job. He might have some pull with his cousin and probably doesn't want his reputation harmed by recommending someone that does sub par work.
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Ugh, that looks like you got a driveway full of paving base that was rejected as defective by a local municipal paving job. You'would have been better off laying down used carpet between two layesr of stone dust.

Fortunately, muni paving jobs usually do a tight inventory of their materials, your best bet is to track the paving material back to the person who actually paid for it.

In painting terms, this slapping on a thin coat of primer without prep/sanding, and skipping the cost of putting down actual paint.

If it is denting from a bicycle, then there was no excavation, and it's crap. I don't usually say this, but unless this was a "here are 2 cases of Bud Light, page my gravel driveway in 20 minutes" then you need to find a local lawyer, and/or track down the contractor, and have them fix this.
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looks like it was put down cold,,, bicycle couldn't make that hole on a hot day if good mtl was compacted well

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