Sidewalk Appearance Improvement


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Sidewalk Appearance Improvement

I donít know anything about concrete but would like to improve the appearance of a storefront sidewalk. I donít know if it needs some sort of finish material applied or some sort of cleaning done.I just would like the outward facing portion to look better.
Now it looks like this.
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What needs to be done to give it a uniform finished appearance.

Happy to provide any needed details. Any help appreciated.
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Pressure washing will make it look like new.
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Are you in a strip on a city street or is this a stand alone building where the sidewalk is owned by you? If you are in a city and the sidewalk is public property then you'll need to get the appropriate permissions and approvals to do any sort of "dressing up". Luckily pressure washing is just cleaning so you shouldn't need any permits or permission.
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And remember to kill the weeds, also.
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pressure washing will aid immeasurably to an improved appearance,,, silicone siloxane will aid in keeping it looking good,,, perhaps adjoining store owners will join you
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Thanks and another question.

Thanks to everyone who has commented so far. The weed killing and pressure washing should be easy enough to take care of with proper scheduling so as not to inconvenience customers too much. Having taken a closer look (see additional photo ) Can anyone tell me about the top "dress" coating that was used, particularly if with the appropriate permissions ( it is a privately owned property so I am hoping the owners / managers permission will be enough ) a regular joe can mix a batch of "coating" and apply it to the frontside of the sidewalk to match what was originally applied on the top?
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It looks like some type of whitewash was applied to the top.
Usually a commercial sidewalk isn't painted as it will soon peel and become a continuous maintenance issue.

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