sidewalk problem


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sidewalk problem

I have a sidewalk in front of my house in front of the front steps. the inside edge of the sidewalk has sunk approximately 4 inches. the steps are poured on piers poured with the original foundation in 1985. the sidewalk sits on the ground and is not connected to the steps. underneath the steps is a hollow area, where I assume the dirt from under the steps squeezed out over the years and allowed the sidewalk to settle. I am going to tear out the sidewalk and replace it. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what to do with the sidewalk to keep it from sinking in the future. I had two thoughts . either bore holes for rerod into the underneath of the steps and tie them together or dig 3 or 4 holes about 6 inches by 36 inches deep on the house side of the sidewalk and fill them with concrete. what are your thoughts? I have included pics. thanks
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If you wanted to keep the existing sidewalk I would suggest mud jacking to bring it back up. If you are going to remove it I think you need to look at the soil underneath. The soil underneath may need to be compacted. Then I would use crushed stone, compacted to bring the ground back up to the needed level before pouring the new slab.
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It looks like you have a deck and two steps. Is what looks like a second step not a step and that's how much the sidewalk sank ? I would definitely consider mudjacking for that. There a few companies in your area and in nearby Illinois.
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there are three steps and the flat part is part of the sidewalk. it is 4.5ft x 12ft. it tapers down to 3 and a half feet around the house. will mudjacking hold for a long time? I think what is underneath is just dirt. but it catches a lot of rain from the downspouts, which I assume is part of the problem.

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