Hole in foundation. Water problems.


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Hole in foundation. Water problems.

I have a golfball sized hold on the outside of my house in the foundation, at ground level. The foundation is concrete block covered with parging. I had some snow melting water issues in my basement this winter, and it was probably from water coming through this hole.

I want to patch it with concrete, but should I make sure there is no water in the void first? I canít see down the hole. And even if there is water, what can I do about it?

any help, suggestions, pointers would be greatly appreciated before I just plug the hole with concrete.
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Plug it with hydraulic cement and move on. Water can move through concrete so it should dry slowly even if there is water in the cavity,
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You might want to take a paint stick... cut it about 3" long... put a screw or small nail in the middle of it (to use as a handle)... then put a dollop of caulk on both ends, insert it into the hole and pull it up against the back of the block tight. Once that has cured, pull the nail or screw out, and patch with cement. This just ensures there is some backing in the hole so that you can pack it full/tight a little better.
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Thanks for the tips guys.
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'cept use sealant (np1),,, caulk'll fail much faster'n the np1

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