Repairing mortar around house?


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Repairing mortar around house?

I have a house that has a lot of zig zag cracks near windows from settling . Also other various cracks in mortar. Should I hire a pro to fix or do it mySelf .

should I use a grinder to prep all cracks or just a chisel to break loose the loose mortar. ?

someone suggested to add some adhesive to the type n mortar??

should I bother addressing the small hair line cracks?home is 60 years old .

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It's hard to advise without being able to see the damage. The crack size and location will determine what you can do. If the house is settling anything you do to the cracks is just a Band-Aid patch and will likely crack or need further repair in the future as the house continues to settle.
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Its 60 years old . I assume it's done settling on the most part .

there are some zig zag cracks near windows . But was wondering if u should bother with the ones around the house that are hair line.

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