Out of square


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Out of square

Hi everyone,

. So I'm building an addition and planning on doing it all myself from the block up, anyway the concrete slab has been poured and I'm trying to lay the brick but the back of the house is not square so when I laid out my measurements I'm out of square an 1.5 inches so should I extend the one corner to make square? And should I make the end connecting to the house follow the 1.5 inch difference so that the first truss rests flush the the house truss?or should I square that end as well? Also should I keep the block in 4 inches on all sides of the slab or can yo put the block right up the edges? Thanks
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Did you just pour a slab or is there a footer under the perimeter of the slab? While it's rare for any building to be perfectly square the closer it is to square the easier it is to construct.
What region/climate are you in?
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but the back of the house is not square
As long as the back of the house is straight, what difference does it make? You mention brick and blocks. You still have to frame the structure so lay out the walls parallel and perpendicular to the back of the house. Locate the frame walls so the brick/blocks are flush or overhang the slab so any siding can extend below the top of the slab.

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