Anchor Bolts/Piers Placed Incorrectly


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Anchor Bolts/Piers Placed Incorrectly

My son built 8 Concrete Piers on top of their concrete footings. He wants to put up a 16x20 Shed. Unfortunately the anchor bolts that he placed on each pier to accept brackets were placed incorrectly and the piers themselves are a bit "off" ( i told him a zillion times to get this step right). He wants to drill new holes in the newly poured 12" Piers (made with SonoTubes). Some of the bolts will be near the edge of the piers which may cause the brackets to hang off the pier about an inch or so. Will this be ok or is there a better solution short of blasting 8 piers out of the ground and starting from scratch.
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Should be able to work around this issue.

Will the floor framing use beams and joists, or joists only?

Consider placing the beams on the existing piers and adjust the joists positions to fit the floor plan.

More info would help us help you.
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Thanks for your quick response. I believe there are 2-20 P.T. beams with floor joists in between. The 2 beams are going into brackets that are held down by the anchor bolts.
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Best "barn framing" trick I've seen when the foundation isn't straight:
use two smaller pieces of framing in parallel,
Instead of one large ▬ beam use two smaller = beams.
So, if you WERE going to use a 4x4 and the two middle piers anchors off center by 2", switch to smaller beams that will be on center and sister them.

Other workaround is to lay the beams diagonally, then finish with a perimeter frame.

Also, when you've got caterwampus piers, but straight wood, remember to snap a chalkline up top when nailing, otherwise your nails and screws will drift off center.

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