Moldy pool on stoop


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Question Moldy pool on stoop

I've always wanted a pool but this is not what I had in mind.

I bought this house and it appears I have inherited this problem. The previous owner decided not to fix it but I'm going to take care of it once and for all. --read, I have to fix this because my wife said it's embarrassing when people come over.

When it rains, water pools on my small front stoop. I'm not sure the best way to get the water out without it looking like junk. Everyone has to step around it when they come to my door.

Maybe I should cut a small channel to drain? I don't want to level it with concrete. (needs to match)
I could level it and then stain the whole thing? or just resurface the entire thing? (8'x5'+-)

Also, the outside of the stoop is covered in brick.
Picture attached. The dark spot in the center is the lowest spot. (possibly mold in the pores)

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So is the brick itself holding the water back?

If so that is relatively easy, peel the brick off and reinstall lower to allow water to drain.

If it's the cement then that it more work, yes you could cut some channels but that will look pretty bad and there is no way to patch/level/fill concrete with a thin level that will last, especially outdoors!

Ultimately you are going to have to bust it out and reinstall and make sure it's got good slope.

Tear outs are not fun, but it's a small porch and you'll appreciate the improvements!
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Installing tile over the slab might be an option. Tiles rated for the exterior aren't as slick as you might use inside.
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Thank you for the reply but that's the wrong answer. I'm just kidding. That's just not the answer I wanted to hear.

It's definitely the concrete and not the brick.
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Sweep the water away with a broom. Just routine maintenance.
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Lol! I actually never even thought about just sweeping away the water. That is a great solution for now.
I'm still open to suggestions on a more permanent fix. It's been raining here for a few days now and running up the stairs to escape the rain only to find my feet drenched under the roof is not ideal.

Attached are more pictures........ Because each one of these is at least 1,000 words.
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1) Find a "decorative" looking broom, hang it somewhere handy, and sweep the water off after it rains.

2) Find a jute door mat/runner, that will do double duty of soaking up the water AND elevate you above the puddle, giving you a way to keep feet dry.

3) Other trick for a puddle on a VERY flat surface - draw a line with a wax candle, the water will not cross the line.

4) Why is water pouring onto the porch?
Are there gutters? Is water splashing up after hitting the ground?

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With the new view, it looks like,

1) you might be able to grind a down the concrete from the puddle to the edge and allow the water to drain, without exposing aggregate.

2) If you do have to exposed aggregate to get drainage, you can disguise it as a "decorative border" between the concrete and brick-

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While putting tile on it may solve the problem it could quite possibly cause another one. It will change the height of the top step which may throw it out of code compliance and cause a tripping hazard.

What's under the porch? Could you core drill a hole and put a drain in? Even if it's dirt under the porch it would take some water and since the porch is covered it probably doesn't get a whole lot. You could just create a small dry well underneath the porch.

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