Frost damaged wall


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Frost damaged wall

Hi there,

I have an issue with an exterior, non-structural wall - see attached image. I suspect the wall will need to be rebuilt however I can't afford it just now and the neighbour is being difficult about sharing the costs. Is there a quick supportive/temporary fix that might help. For example filling in gaps with some mortar etc.?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the forums.

In that picture it would seem that the wall would be structural/load bearing.
Can you post another picture from further away ?

That wall is crumbling. I'm not sure repacking the joints would help.
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Re-pointing the joints would be an option if the bricks were in good condition. Many of your bricks are not in good condition and need to be replaced. Also, judging by the large vertical crack on the right I'd say there is a footer problem. I would not invest any money in a Band-Aid fix as it won't help. Save up your money for a proper repair.
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Thank you for your responses. It is not a load bearing/structural wall - unfortunately I'm unable to take another photograph right now. I figured that a quick fix would really be an option, I guess I just don't want it falling down too soon.

Another point is that the neighbour just informed me that they had damp proofing on the wall (and didn't let me know). I believe this contravenes the Party Wall Act, does it not?

I've also looked at the deeds for both properties and there's no clear indication of who owns the wall therefore is it considered shared?

Thank you.

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