Retaining wall wash out.


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Retaining wall wash out.

I need to fix this.

My plan is rent a mini excavator and trench as close to the wall as possible. So should I just dig down the the base and run drainage or go below the base coarse because the water is draining under it? I was thinking I could just attach the drain pipe with a T coupler directing the water downward into a right angle directing the water out under the wall. If you can visualize what I'm saying here do you think that would work or will the water wash out the gravel around the drainpipe coming out of the wall?

Thanks in advance

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You don't need an excavator for that tiny wall.

Trench down to the base, lay in some 4" corrugated PVC pipe (with holes), tee out at a couple spots and fill with 6" of gravel!
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Yes, definetely rent an excavator (track hoe). Way fun!!! If you've never operated an excavator spend half an hour practicing out in the open where you can't damage anything. Practice making the curling digging motion and especially the rotating so you can stop exactly where you want. If the machine starts bucking or shaking for no apparent reason take your hands off both control levers. Oh, and the seatbelt never hurts. Many machines are strong enough that the arm can pull the machine over if you're not paying attention.

I would dig out the back/uphill side of the wall. Install a perforated drainage pipe at the bottom the opens to daylight. Then back fill the trench with clean crushed stone like #57 or similar. I would NOT try to excavate below or deeper than the wall as you risk softening the support for the soil/foundation underneath the wall. If you give the water an easy path to escape from behind the wall it won't erode underneath.

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