Patching a Hole in concrete basement floor

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Patching a Hole in concrete basement floor

I'm having some difficult getting a reliable patch in a hole in my basement concrete floor. There were two large holes - one I seemed to be able to fill well using a combination of a base of quickrete fast setting cement topped off using hydraulic cement. The other one isn't working as well.

I tried chiseling out any loose concrete - when done the area needing to be patched was probably close to a foot across at it's widest and at it's deepest went down about
4". Shallow at the edges - most of it not being anywhere near that deep. What seems to be repeatedly happening is at the patch hardens I seem to get areas that sound hollowed out when I tap them. If i tap these areas hard enough they crack.

I've tried both hydraulic cement and a fast setting repair mortar and it's happened both times. The good news is through my repeated efforts most of the hole is filled and reasonably solid. What remains is a relatively shallow (probably less then 1/2" deep irregular area much smaller then the original hole) Is there a way to finish off the surface of this hole so when the patch hardens it is stronger, less "hollow" and brittle?

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You dont want to use standard concrete mix anywhere the thickness will be less than about 1 1/2". So if that's the case, you need to fill the hole with concrete mix and finish it off so that it's about 3/4" below the surface. Then after it has set, wet it and apply a slurry for bonding... then immediately top it off with a Portland rich mix such as mortar mix or use a vinyl patch.

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