Porch / brick wall junction is separated


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Porch / brick wall junction is separated


I moved into the house 6 years ago and used quikrete caulk to fill the gap between the brick wall of the house and the cement porch. I have noticed much of the quikrete has very long cracks, almost along the entire seam.

I am in the process of removing it (you can see a little quikrete on the left side in the picture along the seam). It is a slow process except for where there was some white caulk under the quikrete, that pulled up easily.

My current plan is to use white caulk along the entire crack and then put quikrete over it. My reasoning is 1. easier to pull up if I have to redo it 2. the quikrete is more aesthetically pleasing than the white caulk.

Before I go ahead, is there a more permanent solution? or is 5 year replacement about normal? Other options?

(the crack between the brick and the porch is a little deeper and wider than it appears in the picture below)
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I use Duo-Sil caulk but there are other brands. It's a urethane acrylic adhesive caulk so it sticks very well, remains flexible and is paintable. It's also available in a variety of colors so if you get gray you won't have to cover it with mortar.
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Dont put any concrete material on the crack, just like with tile you caulk where the planes change. Any movement will cause it to crack and crumble away.

Any good exterior caulk is best choice!

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