Enlarging a hole in a concrete planter

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Enlarging a hole in a concrete planter

I need to put out a mooring for my "new" sailboat. I am told that 100 pounds should be adequate. I was going to fill a plastic drum with a couple bags of cement, but then I thought of these two concrete planters we have, but my wife hates. They weigh 73 pounds each, so two ought to be more than adequate.

The drainage hole is 1" and my chain requires 1.5". The bottoms are 1" thick.
Can I drill some holes next to the drainage hole and chip off the material between the holes to increase the size, or will that somehow destroy the integrity.
Obviously I don't know what I am doing, so any advice would be appreciated.
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I would go get a carbide hole bit. Since you already have a hole the pilot is missing but go slow, get the hole started and should zip tight through!
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If you have a cordless hammer drill and masonry bits you can easily enlarge the hole by drilling a series of new holes. You can also drill at an angle to help break out the area between the holes you drill. Then there is always a hammer and chisel.

If you wish to increase the weight of your mooring almost any metal is more dense (heavier) than concrete if you decide to fill them with concrete. Even adding aluminum to the mix will make it more heavier than concrete alone. The nice thing is you can set the planter on your boat or float while it's relatively light. Fill it with concrete and scrap metal. Let it cure. Then shove it over the side.

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