Brick Oven w.. Crushed Brick Pieces?


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Brick Oven w.. Crushed Brick Pieces?


I was debating putting this in recreation - But at its foundation this is really a question about bricks and mortar.

I desire to create a brick oven.. Going to try and save up to use firebricks for the base, but hoping to stick with regular red clay bricks for the dome. (It's a cost thing!)

Along the same thoughts on savings.. Is it possible to create a dome structure out of red brick chips and high heat mortar? Or, will I end up with more mortar than brick, making it unstable and useless? The thinking here is that I can get a bunch of broken up brick next to nothing, and mix it with the mortar and put it over a mold and let it dry. Thoughts?

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You can use regular red bricks to build up the base and for the outside of the dome but you will want to line the dome and oven floor with fire bricks.
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Thanks for the reply!

I understand. This speaks to the type of bricks for the dome, but doesn't answer my question about using crushed brick. Let's just say I found crushed firebrick for cheap.. Do you have any thoughts about its structural integrity and effectiveness in being the dome? (When mixed like described in my original post)

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