Need advice on foundation concrete


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Lightbulb Need advice on foundation concrete

Hello all - I have a noticeable gap between the ground and the concrete facade around this house. I want to fill in the gap below the foundation with concrete, but how would I do this without creating a big protruding mess? Ideally it would be flush with the rest of the house. Any recommendations?

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It looks like the house is slab on grade?
If this is slab and simply a cosmetic issue, using a parging concrete would solve the issue easily.
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Thanks - that's correct it's just a cosmetic facade and there is now a concrete slab poured inside of the house, but originally there was a crawlspace with cedar beams.
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What’s happening at the ground level, is that the soil beneath it is now visible. Whereas at one time the ground is level with the foundation.Now I would like to square it off by filling it in with concrete but I wanted to be flush with the upper portion.
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I don't even know what to say about that photo. Its unfortunate because a foundation should not protrude past the siding. (That's just a leak waiting to happen.) Sheathing and siding should hang over the foundation as a means of flashing it.
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I think you should seriously consider fixing the foundation that protrudes beyond the siding that XSleeper noted. That's going to cause nothing but trouble. You can probably do it with metal flashing, but someone will need to do some on-site investigation to understand how everything is put together, then design a fix. Basically, flashing needs to go behind siding and any weather barrier, turn out over the concrete at a pretty good angle, then turn down the face of the concrete a couple inches or more.

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