Outdoor concrete rock repair


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Outdoor concrete rock repair

I have some concrete rocks around a fish pond, the smaller ones are the size of microwave ovens and some big ones as tall as a full size refrigerator. Those were probably made by hand a long time ago in 1940s-1950s. They are not solid concrete, but hollow inside about 1" to 3" varying thicknesses.

Over time some of these rocks have cracked. Some have cracked from tree roots coming up from below, and some cracked from vines and ferns growing into them, and other reasons.

Here are some pictures of these rocks and some of those where I would like to close off the gaps.

Here is a picture where I used some mortar to fill in the gap, but the color doesn't match and not sure if there is a way to match the weathered color and look.

I also need to make some new concrete rocks and probably need to hire someone to do this. I am not even sure what specific trade this is, this is not your typical masonry construction project right?
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You could dye the mortar but it's still going to stand out somewhat but certainly making the smallest repair possible would keep it less obvious.

Wouldn't even know where to begin to suggest who could make, is it possible to bring in some real rock!
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It will be difficult to get new to stick to the old, dirty concrete. I would give the problem areas a good pressure washing and maybe a wash with muriatic acid. Then work carefully to pack mortar into the cracks. The key is carefully. You only want to get mortar into the cracks. The minute mortar touches the face you'll be left with big, ugly light gray splotches that scream "I made a repair".

Wait about a month then I'd get some moss, lichen and algae from the surrounding area, toss it in a blender with some buttermilk and blend. Then paint the nasty mess onto the repaired areas. This should speed the natural process of aging and help conceal the repair.
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I would use epoxy or hydraulic cement and try to just fill in the bottom of the crack and then rub in some dark sand or grit into the top of it.
Leave it so it looks like a crack. If anything the cracks make the rocks look more natural.
I think all you want to do is keep water out of the void in the center and slow it from deteriorating further.

I would be tempted to just fix that hole and leave the rest alone.
They look very good right (realistic) now and I do not think you will ba able to improve on it.

As far as getting new ones the folks I would call are people that design and install fancy back yard pools and spas.

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