Flaking Concrete

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Flaking Concrete

Hi all,
Looking for some advice as to why the ledge on my garage floor is flaking away with a white powdery substance.
We moved into this house (built in 2014) in February of 2019. We had a home inspection done and everything came back good. The house is built in a spot where the water table is high. We have drain tile running around the perimeter of the house leading into our sump. This year we have had an abnormal wet summer and our sump pump runs every 20-30 minutes about. When it rains it is obviously more frequent.

In the attached photos the concrete ledge that runs in the perimeter of the garage, flakes off in spots. I can run a shop vac around the garage and scrape it all off and suck up the flakes/white powder/dust then in 1-3 weeks I will do it again and more of it will flake off.
I am not sure if this is "efflorescence" or not. I am also not sure if this is due to the high water table around our house.

Is there any way to seal this so it doesn't flake off anymore? Is this a major problem to be concerned about? Like I said, we had a home inspection done before purchasing the house and the inspector did not mention anything about this.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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If the concrete underneath the flakes is pitted/chipped then it is the concrete, if not then it is efflorescence.

looks like efflorescence to me.
I would leave it but then I am not a concrete or foundation guy.
It is moisture escaping from under the foundation, if you seal it then you trap the moisture.
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Welcome to the forums.

You had two threads running with different pictures. Your second thread has been removed. Those pictures looked similar to the ones here. I didn't post them here but will if you need them.
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Yes it's efflorescence!

Efflorescence occurs when water evaporates from the concrete leaving salts. It's basically harmless but if the ground is wet then it's going to be continuous since the water is coming from the bottom/outside.
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Thank you for the comments. Eventually wont the concrete lose its structural integrity if it keeps flaking away? I don't believe that it could get to that point in 5-10 years but later down the road 30 years or so it could be a different story.. not?

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