Cutting holland pavers

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This is my first patio. I am building a curved patio and am looking for suggestions on both the best tool for cutting these type of bricks and techniques for getting them to form curves. I am creating a perimeter of soldier bricks laid side to side and wonder if every brick in a curve needs to be cut or if one out of N bricks should be cut to make the curve.

Any and all tips, tricks and insights welcomed.


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Get yourself a masonary blade for your Skillsaw. When I think of all the years I scored and hit bricks to cut them
with varying results I want to cry! Dewalt makes an excellent steel one for around $20. Don't bother with the fibre blades that sell for $5. There's a world of difference. As far as the layout I have seen just about anything done so I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder. A practice layout is essential so you can judge if it's what you want. I'm sure there are others on the forum
that can give you the benefit of their experiences.
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Thanks for the reply, I will keep a lookout for the blade.


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