Can I use a concrete mix to fill drilled holes in basement concrete floor?

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Can I use a concrete mix to fill drilled holes in basement concrete floor?

I am going to put down peel and stick vinyl plank flooring in my basement. I removed old layers of vinyl tiles down to the concrete floor. I noticed the previous owner must of drill a series of 1/2 to 1 inch holes around the basement floor. I am thinking that the new vinyl tiles might start to sink where the holes are. I have a bag of Sakrete High Strength Concrete Mix. Would this work to patch the holes up? If not what would I have to buy to fill in the holes?

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How deep are the holes?
Mortar might be a better choice.
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For ease of application I would be looking at Rockite.

RockiteŽ is a gray, hydraulic type cement that expands as it sets, and is specially formulated to produce unexcelled strength and bonding qualities. When mixed with water RockiteŽ pours into place smoothly, sets within 15 to 20 minutes, and when fully cured develops compression strengths in excess of 8000 pounds per square inch. RockiteŽ is great for any interior application. Use it to set railings, brackets, and other fixtures because it will not shrink, crack or dry out.
1 Hour: 4,600 psi
24 Hours: 5,000 psi
7 Days: 8,000 psi
MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: For pouring with a fluid consistency use 4-1/2 oz. of water per pound of cement or 1-1/2 pints for 5 lbs. of cement.
NOTE: Water and cement must be measured accurately. Important Notes: For Indoor Use Only. Installation temperature must be higher than +40 degrees Fahrenheit (+4 degrees Celsius).
  • CRL Recommends Consulting with the Glass Fabricator Prior to Wet Setting Laminated Tempered Glass
  • Not Recommended for Use with Laminated Glass
  • Expands as it Sets
  • Fast Setting, it Will Not Shrink or Crack When Used as Directed
  • RockiteŽ is for Interior Applications Only
Although it states for indoor use only, this remaining from a job I poured was placed in a butter tub and has been outdoors in all kinds of weather as a door stop for about 15 years.

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If you want to make sure the holes are filled and won't "work loose" then used a hydraulic cement. Available at all hardware stores. It expand to tightly fill the holes.
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Id vote to use a fortified tile mortar, it's great for patching small imperfections in concrete, very easy to work with, very durable!

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