How to lift building on settled slab

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Question How to lift building on settled slab

Hello, I know this isnít DIY, Iím just looking to get suggestions of whatís possible to fix this problem and who I should be talking to.

Here's the question:
Is there a way to lift a building on concrete slab that has settled several inches on one end?

The details:
About 25 years ago I had a metal building put up: 30' x 60' x 8' on 4-inch concrete slab. 2x4 construction on 24-inch centers, insulated, roof trusses on 24-inch centers, plumbed and wired. Finished like a house on the inside, heated & cooled. Nice building, lousy foundation.

Here's the problem: It was built without a proper foundation (yeah, I know, I'll take the blame). Making things worse, the ground it's on has a slope of about 1/4 inch per foot, making the West end of the building 16-inches higher off the ground than the East end.

The concrete form was made as if it was on level ground with plywood added where needed to fully enclose the 30x60 space down to the ground. Fill dirt was added to the low ground to bring it up to level with the high end. I doubt the ground was properly compacted. There is a wall of sorts: dirt was raked away from the form wall to allow concrete to go all the way to the ground.

I've heard of mud jacking but don't know much about it. I've read mixed reviews on whether it's suitable for this kind of application. Same with expanding foam. From what I've seen of helical underpinning it's suited for stabilization but not for lifting.

I'm looking for anything that will work and I know it won't be cheap.
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Mud/foam jacking is only option I am aware of, will it work, we have no idea, need to get someone out to check it out!
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I would look into mud jacking.

I have a new neighbor building near me. He is having a metal building constructed. To prepare the area for the foundation and slab they moved a lot of dirt and one end of the building is sitting on a couple feet of fill. The only machine on site was a tracked skid steer so the compaction was minimal. I expect this building will have a similar problem eventually.
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I have an idea that may not be available, practical or affordable. But it might be something an engineering mind might explore and perfect.

What if you cut out a rather large square at appropriate locations in the structure, put in a footer or piling (for stability) and used a HUGE version of an expanding wall anchor that would be pushed through the floor after making a void for it to expand and then having a screw mechanism that would push the device upward? Pressure would have to be applied equally to all such devices to keep from breaking the slab.

If this has any chance of being practical, it might be better to hold the structure in place against further settlement rather than actually raising the structure.

Is there such a thing?
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There's a local business that specializes in mudjacking and piering. I talked to him about 15 or 20 years ago and at that time he did not have a solution for lifting but could offered helical anchors for stabilization. Since then they've added piering to their list of services, a more durable (I think) solution for stabilization. I should call him to see he could do for me. Thanks for weighing in.

SEMO Mudjacking and Piering

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