Old Building needs love...A lot

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Old Building needs love...A lot

I have a building that was built in 1901 in central Oklahoma. It is 3 stories and about the mid 90's they painted over the brick. This (at least from what I have read) is probably starting to mess up the brick causing spalling etc. I have called 7 brick people now and trying to get them to do the work or even quote me has proven impossible. It looks like I am going to have to do the repairs myself which I am not sure I want to but then again I am not sure I can let it keep going like this either. So I guess my questions are as follows:

Should I remove the paint and go back to original brick and mortar (if so best method for this)?
Should I fix the spalled bricks/broken mortar joints before removing the paint?
I have watched a crap ton of youTube videos but in no way am an expert or have even received a good mortar mix to replace in the joints. What is some good literature or videos or something that people would reccomend?
The mortar originally stuck out from the brick about a quarter inch but normal brick work now it seems to inset. Looks wise the obvious choice would be for continuity and have it stick out but is there a reason why I shouldn't?
A lot of people have said stucco over it and be done but this really is not an option for me because one side has a great big mural that is kind of a tourist attraction (wish I could make money off it :/).
I have looked at this arbortech saw and it looks really cool and looks like it would save me a lot of time but I am not sure if it is worth the grand or if there are better cheaper alternatives etc.

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