Concrete cleanup

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Concrete cleanup

I have an old 1920s house that had a major addition added in the 1980s. Part of the process included putting a door way through the original foundation in the basement. Looks like they pounded it out with a sledge versus cutting it lol. Was hoping someone had some ideas on how to clean this up? Don't really want drywall in the basement to just hide it. Was considering boxing in forms and pouring concrete in to smooth out the end (if it would connect ok?). There seems to be larger stones in the current wall and it is quite crumbly - so don't think I can drill rebar into that stub as well....

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You could probably clean it up some with a concrete chainsaw (hooked up to a hose) but it will make a holy mess. You would want to wear rain gear as you cut it and have a helper with a wet vac and floor attachment sucking up the water as you go. Might help to have one of those plastic mortar mixing tubs underneath you to catch some of it.

Looks like it might have been easier to cut from the other side if that door wasn't there. So consider if removing the door (in order for you to work from the opposite side) might make life easier.

Otherwise you will need a hammer, chisel and a lot of patience. A cup wheel on a grinder would smooth it up if you get most of it off, but will make a ton of dust. You could also have a helper mist with water as you grind.
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You can also check concrete contractors in your area. Some offer concrete cutting. I've had some walls cut and they bring in a concrete cutting vertical track saw and make a nice clean cut. It will be expensive for just one cut since much of the job will be driving to your location and setting up and taking down the equipment.
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I would think by the time you build forms and then pour you could just use the plywood to go around it and cover it up for less money and time. Run the plywood in front of it to the corner then add quarter round and caulk. Then a piece from that piece to door. Paint it white and forget it.
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