CBS home anchors loose for hurricane shutters

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CBS home anchors loose for hurricane shutters

These shutters cannot be moved they are custom to the window sizes. They have been installed for 19 years and a handful of the many anchors have become loose. What can I patch the anchor holes with that can then be drilled over again to reinstall the anchors? Time is of the essence, this is rainy season and hurricane season so I have to plan the fix on a dry set of days. MANY thanks in advance for any specific help that will make the next 19 years as safe as the last. The anchor itself is made of 2 pieces of very strong metal/steel material the side put in the concrete first is the smallest and it widens gradually to the opening. I've attached a few pictures of the hardware. Please provide specific brands if it matters! Thanks so much. Much easier to install 20 years ago, but I'm up for a new repair adventure! Thanks again! Heather

Bolt and Anchor side view (2 piece anchor)

how it should be

Hardware top view
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You can drill the hole out and use the next larger size hardware.

Are your anchors into the stucco layer? If so, what is behind/beneath? If there is more masonry you can consider longer anchors. If there is wood and you are lucky enough to be centered on a stud you can screw into the wood.

You could also look into epoxying a threaded insert into the wall. But, like the expanding anchors it all depends on the material you are anchoring into. Stucco often isn't the strongest and the expanding anchor could be breaking the stucco.
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I'd probably get some anchor epoxy (comes in a caulking tube, with a mixing nozzle) and squirt it in the hole and reuse the existing anchor. Fill the threaded part of the anchor with vaseline and put your bolt in... Don't use so much epoxy that you make a mess. Just enough to fill the voids around the outside of the anchor. Once the epoxy has set you should be able to back the bolt out easily without the anchor coming loose.
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Those are similar to a Rawl "calk-in" fastener. They require a setting tool.
The fastener gets put into the hole and the set tool drives the outer shield in place.
If they come loose.... just reset them.

Calk-in fasteners

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