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How do you determine how many cubic yards of cement you will need to pour a slab for a 24x24 garage?
What other costs are involved besides the cement and the rebar and lumber for the forms?
thanks, Anita
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A cubic yard is a cube that is 3' on each edge. It contains 27 cubic feet (3X3X3=27).

If your slab is going to be 6" deep, the number of cubic yards required is equal to:

24 X 24 X .5 (6" = 1/2 foot)

or: 288 cubic feet. Divide by 27 (the number of cubic feet in a cubic yard) = 10.67 cubic yards.

If the depth of the slab is something other than 6, just convert the inches to a fraction of a foot and the method above will give you the answer.

Other costs can include the gravel base for the slab as well as the manpower to pour and smooth it out.
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Thanks George,
We tried to figure this out and we came up with the same number! It's good to know you are out there to confirm.
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You probably want to hire a pump for that many yards
You want the slab to get poured, then you have time to finish it. Here in Los Angeles a pump hires for about 150-200 bucks for that type of job. You actually hire a
'pumper' who tows the pump behind his pick-up, and provides
the pump service. The pumper and the concrete truck work
together, and can sometimes be hired together (ask the concrete company if they can provide a pump)
Maybe a concrete finisher would be an idea. Its like a
3 or 4 bladed whirlybird that helps provide a consistant
finish. Otherwise you must hand trowel, and thats work !
Here a finisher goes for about 85 bucks for the day
It might help to have someone that has used a finisher
do it for you. It took me a few garages to get the hang of it, the throttle ,the blade angles etc.....
any tool rental place has finiushers...
good luck
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some help
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A finisher for $85 a day? Where is this again?

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