Removing 30'X30' cracked driveway

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I am looking at removing and repouring a new concrete section of our driveway. We have a 2-car detached garage behind our house where you make a 90degree turn into the garage. The driveway from the street and along the house is fine, however, once you get to the back where it widens considerably in order to allow turning into the garage there is SIGNIFICANT cracking and unleveled areas of the concrete. The home is 75 years old and this part of the driveway appears to be on it's last legs. It definitely could not be mudjacked (I've had contractors look at it) and I don't think an asphalt overlay would work given the degree of unlevelness (not sure if that's a word, but you get the point).

I am considering renting a bobcat to remove all the old concrete (it's maybe 3-4 inches thick) and then take on the daunting task of repouring a new slab(s) in this area. As I mentioned it's about 30' X 30' with a drain smack dab in the center.

(1) is a bobcat an efficient way to get all the old concrete out or is something else better??

(2) what do I need to do to prepare the ground beneath the poured concrete? (does it need chat, gravel, sand, etc... beneath it)

(3) What thickness of poured concrete is recommended?

(4) For this size of an area, I'm guessing I need to do it in sections, correct? Do you pour one section, then wait for it to cure and then pour the section next to it??

(5) If anyone can direct me to a helpful how-to website or forum other than this, it would be appreciated. (I've searched the threads in this forum and have found limited info)

Thank you for your time and comments. I may be bugging you again in the near future! ;>)

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Bobcats run about 250 bucks a day here in Los Angeles
Sounds like you will have to rent a disposal bin, the kind for concrete. Theres another 150 bucks. Why not get a price from a hauler to demo and haul the whole deal?
Also,..if you havent run a Bobcat, it takes a while, like most of the day,to get it to run smooth and do what you want it to. Breaking and moving concrete isn't 'Bobcat-101' neither. So that could be 2 days,..oops...500 bucks!
As far as the ground preparation goes, It should be good as is. Its been under the slab, so its pretty much compacted.
Sand and gravel are more like buffers, to balance differing compaction at the newly excavated.
4" for a driveway and throw in some 6"x6" #10 wire mesh
to prevent cracking
Form in sections that you can 'screed'successfully
And trench deeper at the perimeters to give strength
...helps prevent sinking and cracking
Pour it section at a need to wait, after the other...
good luck
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When you remove the drive way the less damage you do to the grade of the drive way the better....a small back hoe can come in and pull the old concrete from the house to the street and never hurt the grade then set the forms fine grade and this time add #3 or #4 steel on 12" to 24" grid patern and you will make it a great slab use a deep marking tool to mark and add controle joints for the will have crack but this will help keep them down and where you want them...Good luck

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