Cracked concrete block

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My basement walls are made of concrete block. My house is 30 yrs. old. Recently, I have noticed that one of the vertical cracks on one of the blocks has gone from hairline width to approximately 1/8" in width. I have not had any flooding or water damage in my basement at all. Do you think this crack widening is a warning sign? How do I determine what the cause of this crack widening is? How can I control the crack widening or repair it permanently? Thanks a lot.
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cracked concrete block

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It is allway a good idea to find out why the crack is getting bigger first....then repair.....see if you can find any thing else around the area that looks like it could be changing as well, ground water, outside grading, new construction and have you by chance had an earth quake that could have helped it along....any changes that have taken plase over the last few years......and keep aneye on it for the next year or so and see what develops....Good Luck

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