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My husband and I decided we wanted exposed brick in our living room, we removed the drywall and the brick behind it was REALLLLLY ugly. Is there something I can do that wont cost an arm and leg. I looked into Zbrick, but I was reading what you told normal4 about it. What is Wire cutts? Is it for interior also? How much does it cost?

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I do not quite understand where the brick are you are looking at....You removed the sheetrock from in front of.... the brick is it an outside wall of brick or?
Wire cut brick come is many sizes and are used inside and out...the cost is based on what brick and what size they cut them, not all brick come is wire cuts, pick the brick you like and check on wire cuts...but are much less than the full size brick.....Back to the brick you want to make look better ...a little mor info. will help send what you can and we can work with you on it......thanks and good luck

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