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I recently bought a house that had an addition done (not very well) They tied into the existing wall and on the outside just ran a beam onto top of a few cinderblocks (on end). I would like to fix this and put in a new, better, stronger support system. Also I might add the room is about 18"-22" off the ground. So in the end I will need to block the wind from going under the room, it's need easy to heat the room. What would be the easiest way for ME to support. I would prefer a foundation like support system. Can a foundation be poared under and existing addition (10' x 12'). Thanks
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I can't help but wonder what is holding it up now.....but you can add a foundtion under the room....I do not know where you live but this should have had a building permit to build and the building code as a guide....Do you plan on or think you need a permit? You can dig a footing and use cemente block with a PT plate with a wall from there to the joists...Good Luck

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