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I have a 3' half-moon brick wall planter that I built about 3 years ago, and would now like to cover the outside with colored mortar.

Can I just trowel the mortar directly over the brick like stucco or do I have to add some sort of binder to the mortar and brick face to make it adhere better?

I am not looking to get a smooth finish like plaster, the texture of the mortar will be fine for what I am looking to accomplish.

(It was suggested to me that I could use "elmers glue" and paint the brick face for better adhesion and possibly add some to the mortar mix, ever heard of this.)

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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Test the absortion of the brick! High suction: dampen first before stucco application. [water disappears almost immediately] Average: apply direct. [30 to 45 seconds] Low suction to hard fired: apply expanded metal lath with masonry screws & washer.

Planter is continually wet or is subject to freezing: metal lath is the better choice. [maybe rosin paper as a vapor barrier also - it depends].

Elmers glue is sometimes used in leu of CPA (concrete and plaster adhesive). Usually it's added to the mix; not applied to the wall. [When it is applied to the substrate it's diluted in water]. Bonders applied to the substrate must adhere tenaciously but must redissolve slightly when the stucco is applied. Elmers does not fit the bill well, unless you're extremely fast. Need a bonder? Try Bondex, Weld-Crete, or another well known brand.

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