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My husband and I own a house in Arizona, where it rains less than 4 inches per year. The house is frame built stucco, and came with this ugly wrap around sidewalk against the side of the house. We hated it, so had it taken out. Unfortunately, the sidewalk was attached to the stucco, and the stucco was damaged when it was removed. We had the stucco repaired, and all seemed well until it rained. It is now clear that the stucco is not sealed against the foundation, and during a heavy rain the water puddles against the house and wicks up the wall, damaging inside drywall and carpet. Of course this only happens about once a year. Yard is flat. Drainage is fast, but not fast enough. We need to seal this area up, but are unsure how to do it, and would like to avoid removing the new stucco if possible. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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You have to do one of two things keep the water below the stucco or remove the stucco and install a metal drip bead along the top of the foundation...if you do not have one if the stucco goes from the wall to the foundation the water that gets through the stucco can not get out when it gets to the bottom so it will run inside..you also need to seal the stucco wall so the water can not get through to the studs many repairs do not install the paper right so you do not have a water proof installation of the stucco......first I would try a sealer on the wall before removing the stucco....Good Luck......

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