How to get concrete off of brick


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How to get concrete off of brick

I recently had a new sidewalk put in and when they poured it they splattered concrete on my brick. How can I get this off? Of course getting the contractor to do it has become a full time job.
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since it wasn't removed right away and apparently has cured on the face of the brick, it is going to be very difficult to remove, if possible at all... I would keep calling the contractor and put it on him... You might call a few masonary cleaning specialists to see what they would charge to clean it and what guarantee that they could even do it.. If your contractor was licensed, you can contact the local building dept and report the situation, sometimes they can get things moving....perhaps your insuarance company would cover the expense if your contractor doesn't and worse case there is always small claims court..

Don't envy your position

Good Luck

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Is your brick smooth or rough surface? If smooth it is very easy to flake off the concrete spatters with a smooth chisel or even a screw driver and hammer. If you have a rough or textured surface it is much more difficult but not impossible to clean. Use a small point chisel and tap out the spatters using care not to mar the brick finish.

A muratic acid wash, in a 10 part water to 1 part acid solution will get off any marks left behind. Apply with a stiff brush and be sure to rinse the brick with clean water afterward to remove the acid solution or the brick could stain and deteriorate.

Of course the best cure to watch the concrete contractor when he pours, and rinse off the brick as he spatters it, or withold final payment until you have inspected the work and are satisfied.
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Removing dried concrete from brick

My dad always used a wire brush and an old chisel and hammer taking care not to damage brick, removing as much as possible. Then, the muriatic acid wash. Read and follow product directions carefully. Removing dried concrete from brick can be a challenge. It is best to roll tar paper or other protective covering over areas adjacent to the area where concrete is being poured. This tends to be the responsibility of the contractor overseeing the job and not the job of the concrete delivery service.
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All the above is good advice except I would be careful about a wire brush, it could leave behind scratches on the brick surface, especially if you use muriatic acid. I've had better results with a good stiff plastic brush.
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