How to remove paint from exterior brick


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more basement drain questions

I would like to install a 3/4 bath in my basement--I have no drain roughed in, but my upstairs baths have a drainpipe running into the floor of the basement. Can I tap into this pipe somehow to easily install a toilet and shower downstairs?
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How to remove paint from exterior brick

We're considering buying a house that currently has 1-2 coats of paint on the exterior brick. Wondering if we should paint over it, or if there is a way to remove the paint from the brick without damaging the surface / durability? Any recommendations??????
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If you dont want to have to paint that house over and over, but another one.. Cleaning paint off brick is tedious, time consuming and exspensive.

Good luck

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Cleaning paint from brick

This is not a very difficult job to do. If it is old paint used the PEEL AWAY I product. If it is latex paint that was orgiinally applied to the brick use PEEL AWAY 7 since latex seeps into brick that is a porous surface. Visit the web site at for more info
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Stripping paint from brick

If paint can not be washed off with soap and water and a power washer, a solvent is usually recommended. Sand blasting should be a last resort because brick specialists claim that it can damage brick and mortar. Paint strippers are usually recommended. Strippers that contain methylene chloride are the most effective but also the most hazardous and is not environmentally friendly, affecting vegetation and are a cancer causing agent.

Citrus based strippers seem to be the way to go these days. Critics state they take more product and more time and are more expensive. Citristrip is a product that appears on the forum posts as being an effective stripper. Peel Away products are sometimes recommended, and they are expensive. You will see Peel Away I and Peel Away 7 recommended. Make sure you choose the right product if you use these. Forum posters tend to complain of getting strippers out of the striations of the brick work. Usually with strippers you will also have to combine the use of power washing to get the stripper out of the striations. Using the least PSI is always best, starting at 800 PSI. Power washers are typically not recommended over 1500 PSI. Most professionals try to stay around 1200 PSI. Power washing equipment can be rented or purchased. Mortar that is in poor shape should never be power washed. Proceed with caution if mortar is in poor shape.

Some bricks were not glazed or surfaced for wear and were intended to be painted. If so, a professional should be consulted. Sometimes brick will not be cleaned as well as you expect. Stripping can be expensive and damaging to brick. Removing multiple layers of paint can be a challenge.
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removing [paint from brick

I seem to be accused of of always recommending PEEL AWAY which is absolutely true and you at the same time seem to always recommend Citrustrip. The main difference between the two products (PEEL AWAY 7 and Citrus Strip) is that PEEL AAY 7 is a true paste and not a gel and will hold to a vertical surface without oozing down. It also gets covered with a PEEL AWAY cover that keeps the product in tact. Product cost is expensive but compared to what? If you can do your job in one application then the product cost is cheap. I would suggest you do a few tests on various substrates yourself using both products and see the results. PEEL AWAY I is a analkaline product and will strip multiple layers of paint in a single application but needs the ORIGINAL coat to be oil based.
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