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Question Brick Walkway

I'm going to be installing a brick walkway from the back corner of my house that will wrap around to the side of the house and meet up with the driveway so that I can store my trash and recycle cans out of sight and then wheel them to the front on trash days. It will only be about 3' wide. I've estimated about 140 square feet. Not sure if I need to lay gravel then sand after I dig out the yard and level it, or do I just need sand? Do I wet it before I lay the pavers? Once the pavers are in place, I read that I can use stone dust and sweep it in between the bricks and then wet the area with a garden hose and the wet stone dust will act as a mortar. The folks at Home Depot didn't know what stone dust was and just told me to use sand between the pavers. So, what should I do? Sand, stone dust?? Help!!
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The underlainment to the brick walkway is the most important part of the job. I've found about 3" of decomposed granite works really well. The grains interlock to make a firm stable foundation. You can us a 1" layer of masonry sand above the DG to help level the brick bed. Gravel beneath the DG is optional in my mind, especiall in Phoenix which doesn't get a lot of rain. However, if your soil is clay, condider the gravel.

You need to outline the borders of your pathway with wood or some other fixed structure to hold the brick in place and keep the bond straight. The home depot folks are right about using the sand. The best way is to dump a few shovel fulls on the brick, put a slow running hose in the pile and sweep it around. The water will wash the fine silica (smallest grains) of the sand into the brick joints and will lock them in place. It will only work if you are butting the pavers against each other with no wide joints, which is really the only viable way to place pavers on sand.

Have fun with the project, let me know how it goes!

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