Replacement windows in stucco and concrete walls


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Question Replacement windows in stucco and concrete walls


I am renovating my house in South Florida and have decided to install impact resistant windows. My problem is that when we measured the openings for the windows, we found that each one was buried anywhere from 1/4" to 1" in stucco. It was usually the case that the bottom of the window was buried the deepest. Due to the rigid nature of the windows, there is no play in getting the new windows in place. We are also planning to paint the entire house after the windows are in place. My only option is to remove the stucco around the window with as minimal damage as possible and then have it repaired. I would like to know anyone's thoughts on the best approach to doing this. What techniques (tricks of the trade) or tools would be recommended?

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I am no expert in the field, but I can tell you the best way to minimize the removal of stucco/concrete would be to work from the inside - out. Start on the interior of the window removing finish work and as much of the material as possible to expose the rough opening studs. From here you can take a long masonry bit and drill through the stucco/concrete at each corner of the rough opening. This will give you 4 holes outside marking your rough opening. Use a chalk line to connect the holes then a masonry grinder to remove only the necessary material. This will minimize the material you remove and give you a well matched rough opening. NOTE: If your replacement window installs from the oustide and has tabs for installation, make the holes on the outside edge of the rough opening to give you a nailing surface for the tabs. If it is a true replacement window, drill the holes on the interior side of the rough opening. Hope this helps. -Mark
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First thing is to remove the old window with as little damage to the house as possible.....the replacement windows should go in with very little damage if you have "replacement windows" they are made a to go inside the opening not on the a little more looking before you a prof. window co. cantractor for a bid and ask lots of how they do it, what damage will they do. how they repair the damage???? check with the local building department you will need a permit and they will give help....Good Luck
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Thanks for the reply's. I did not realize that there was a specific type of window known as a "replacement" window. The windows I purchased are the same ones that would be used in new construction as well. I appologize for any confusion. Also, my house is concrete block with a stucco exterior. I have hired an installer to put in the new windows, but he will charge half as much if I can remove the stucco around the current windows to unbury them before he begins. As he said, he is a window guy, not a stucco guy. This means that I will need to remove the stucco without taking out the old windows. Also, from the inside, I can see the tapcon screws inside the tracks on each side of the single-hung windows. What I am not sure of is if there is some kind of lip or tab on the outside of the window that would be buried even deeper in the stucco, or is the window only held in place by the screws inside the frame. Thanks again for any help clearing this up.

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