River rock driveway (kinda long...)


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Question River rock driveway (kinda long...)

Hi. Thits is my first post.

I currently have a thick (6-8"), well compacted gravel driveway. What I want to do is 'cover' it with river rock. I'd like to end up with something that looks like a dry river bed (if that analogy makes sense).

I have access to, literally, tons of river rock, much of which is flat sided (at least on one side), and some of it is 'disk'-like. The rock ranges ranges in thickness from a half inch to 2-3 inches, and diameters from cup saucer size to frisbee size. And, of course, it varies in color and texture greatly.

Since I am after a very rustic look, I'd like to avoid having too much appearance of being 'set in concrete', and I'm not really concerned with having it as flat as possible (unevenness is ok). In fact, in some spots I wouldn't mind having small outcroppings of rock (in non-traffic areas, of course).

Anybody have any advice as far as how to proceed? So far I've experimented with just laying the rock down to check the appearance, and I really do think it looks great. What I need to know is the best method for keeping it 'in place'.

And, since I'm sure the question will come up, yes, cars will drive and potentially park on it. Plus, occasional UPS trucks.

Oh, almost forgot. A few years ago, at a 'home and garden' show, I saw some form of exposed aggregate that was set (imbedded?) in some kind of clear 'plastic'. Anybody know what that (plastic mortar?) material is called?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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I've never built a stone driveway but I'm guessing the laws of freeze-thaw also apply here.{Not sure where your from}.I would start with digging out at least a 16 inch base{this would allow for 6 inch stones and 10 inches of compacted base.Fill with 6 inches of traprock{1/2 inch} and top off with an additional 4 inches of stone dust-compact everything in 4 inch layers before adding more.Perhaps I'm way off here but just a guess.Perhaps other members here have done stone driveways.
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