cutting hole in wood+concrete+little rocks/exterior wall???


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Question cutting hole in wood+concrete+little rocks/exterior wall???

not a great description but I don't know what it is called.The shed was built in the late 50's.
I need to cut a 4 footx2foot hole in this wall.There is wire stapled to the wood siding right?I'm thinking the wire would cause problems if I tried to use a sawsall.Are there masonry blades for skil-saws?would that work?I'd like to avoid using a hammer and chisel(I'm lazy )
Thought about using the sledge but figured that would crack the beejesus out of the wall
Anyhoo does anybody have any ideas\experience with this??

hopefully this is the right forum,the walls forum just didn't seem to address the problem of the concrete.

:elvis voice: Thank ya,thank ya very much:elvis voice:
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What type of wall is it?Masonry?wood?brick,block,stone?To answer one of your questions-yes there are masonry blades available for skillsaws,around 7 dollars each.If you let us know what the wall is made of and how big you need the hole we can help you further.
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It's tounge and groove wood siding,tar paper,wire mesh,stucco and small sharp pebbles.In that order.
I need a 4 foot by 2 foot hole apprx.It's for a heat pump like the kind that hotels use.Just like a window shaker only it's a heat pump.
The shed was built in 1958, if that helps.

I searched and it appears to me that the finish is called roughcast/dashcoat.
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You can start by using a wood blade on a skillsaw and set the blade depth accordingly,then switch to a metal blade and finally a masonry blade to go through the stucco and pebbles.

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I cut the hole yesterday.Started from the outside,I began with a masonry blade on the skil-saw but found that it was using up the blade too fast.That may be operator error,I'm not sure.Put what was left of the blade onto an angle grinder.That worked much better, it was easier to control and since it's my beater angle grinder I wasn't concerned about the dust(unlike my skil-saw,which I now need to teardown and clean ).Using a masonry blade on the grinder may not be a real good idea since the blade is rated for about 8000rpm and the grinder runs up to 12000rpm but it sure did work well.
Cut out the siding and studs(redistirbuted the load around the hole)and built the pony wall for the heat pump.Now I just need to insulate around the unit,pull 220v from the house and finish up the poly and interior wall board. .It's going to be good to have heat/AC in the shed

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