salt stains on brick

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salt stains on brick

How do i remove salt stains from brick?
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Sounds like efflouresence - try sure-klean{check my spelling},available at masonry supply yards
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Do not pressure wash or spray heavily the area of efflorescence. You will only push it back in. Use a brush and apply a "Sure Klean" type of masonry detergent. Don't let the surface dry. Hose off and repeat if necessary. Don't seal the masonry until you are sure that the efflorescence is gone and the masonry it completely dry.

In order to stop the efflorescence, you must first find the entry point of the moisture in the wall... or eliminate the source of salts. Once you stop the water from getting in... or stop using "ice melts" during the winter... you'll stop the efflorescence.

Good luck.

Background on wall efflorescence:
The source for moisture entry is typically higher up than the efflorescence patch. This is because once the water gets in the wall... it will seek the lowest spot... snaking and weaving its way down... until a point where warmth/heat wicks the water out... and as it hydrates out of the cavity it carries with it salts and other impurities... leaving you with a snow white case of efflorescence.

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